1. I have a comedy show tonight in New York City! It’s a lot of fun and it gets nice and weird. All are welcome to come. It starts at 8PM sharp.



  2. the-toastboy asked: Hi ur so cool lets be friends

    I’d love to be friends but I think in our friendship, you should be the cool one.


  3. twistedshotgun asked: Why r your comics so awesome socks?

    Whoa, that’s super nice! I’m looking through your comics now too and I’m really digging them. Thanks, dawg!


  4. Time Trabble - Illusion



  5. Time Trabble - Old Fashioned Writing


    How ARE you guys?


  6. shaqzine:

    SHAQZINE submission from Mikey Heller!

    His webcomic is Time Trabble.


    My submission to the wonderful Shaq Zine! A zine about all things SHAQ.


  7. Time Trabble - Low Self-Esteem Detective



  8. Time Trabble - Adoption



  9. Time Trabble - St. Patrick Watches Us Celebrate

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Kiss ANYONE (if they’re into it, that is)!


  10. missionbirdflip:

    Mikey Heller does one of the funniest comics I’ve ever read. Each strip is basically a really bad situation, but the characters there are so stoked to be in that situation. Not many things make me laugh out loud, but it says something when I have to strategically adjust my sitting position so I don’t suddenly spit Pepsi onto my desktop. Seriosuly check out his comic Time Trabble at timetrabble.com and his tumblr at timetrabble.tumblr.com.

    My contribution to Mission Bird Flip!