1. Time Trabble - Hollywood Agent



  2. Time Trabble - Best Pencil



  3. Time Trabble - New Phone



  4. justinssseye said: youe comics are awesome!

    Thank you! A new one is going up right now. Hope you dig it!


  5. Silly comic but testicular cancer is serious stuff. Check out to learn more!


  6. Time Trabble - Talk With Mom



  7. Time Trabble - High Fives



  8. presidentyoloswag said: Why are you so cool?

    Just trying to keep up with you dawg!


  9. selfproclaimedghost said: I love your comics so much, oh my god! ahh c:

    Woo! This really made my day. Thank you! I’m glad you’re digging them. I WILL DRAW MORE.


  10. From the “cutting room floor”.